What is KNIC initiative to bridge the industry-academia gap?

KNIC has pioneered the partnership with Academia by working closely with Universities, colleges, and B Schools across the country. Our objective is to create a talent pool for the industry by offering contemporary curriculum, innovative learning methodologies and orientation of college faculty. This is done by way of providing

  • Exciting formats of Learning materials & Courseware
  • Access to an Online web based platform offering e-learning modules
  • Industry interactions
  • Faculty Development Program
What is the KNIC program offer all about?

At KNIC the learning modules are made available to the students through a Blended Learning model including a live classes by industry experts, Experts visits to the campus, intelligent Knowledge management system etcs. The modules are created using instructional design techniques to engage the learner and assist in self learning. Each module leads to an online assessment.

e-Learning: The courseware by design would encourage self-learning by students through e-Learning independent of the faculty. The online course can be offered to students through colleges where there are constraints in allocating faculty or infrastructure for facilitating the course. The course topics are offered to the students through e-Learning modules. We have included many e-Learning modules from world’s leading content houses mapped to the topics in this online course.

How do we evaluate the students doing the course?

The college assigns weight age for the following in the evaluation process:

  • e-Learning
  • Project Presentations
  • Continuous Evaluation
  • Final Evaluation

Each e-Learning module has a learning confirmation test – the student has to secure a minimum of 80% to clear the test and complete the module.

A pre-prepared question bank (objective type) for each topic will be shared with the colleges. Colleges can choose from the question bank as well as add their own questions for continuous and final evaluation tests.

How is the certificate obtained by the successful student?

The student will get an online certification once he/she clears the final e-test in the online course module. The course certification is issued from Technopark-TBI / innovation Lab/NCIIE or respective agencies who provide the course - If the college requires joint certification, we can include the college logo and name in the certificate and issue a joint certificate.

How would the evaluation be conducted?

Learning Confirmation:
Each e-learning module has a learning confirmation test which the student is required to clear to complete the module. The student has to secure 80% to clear the test.

The online course also has an e-test at the end of each levels (like level1, 2 and 3 etc) and a final e-test covering the entire course. The student can take up e-learning topics in Level 2 only after clearing the e-test for Level 1 and so on.

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