Does KNIC provides any Placement Assurance?

The straight answer is No. KNIC is not a Placement Program, just an initiative to enhance the skills of the fresh graduates to the Industry requirements. No placement is guaranteed, however the trained students database will be available to all companies in Technopark/Inforpark.

Does KNIC associate with a cost?

The contents of the courses are avaiable at Free of cost, but there is a nominal fee for Learning Management and Certification.

What's the duration of the program?

Each module has an average duration of 1.5 Hrs. so that total program has a duration of 30Hrs. But the duration of the course will vary according to the learning speed/grasping power of a candidate.

When is the Live Session scheduled?

There will be one Live session in each month, other that if some eminent personalities are available we will schedule the session with 24 hrs notice.

What if a college can’t attend the Live session?

No Problem! The recorded version of the Live Sessions will be available online and students can login anytime and can play the recorded sessions.

What are the facilities a college should provide for this?

Min 2 Mbps dedicated internet connection for the Video Conference,
A Projector with min 3000 Luminous
Computer with 2 GB RAM
Audio System connected to computer
Wireless Mic synced with the computer.

Will it affect the regular class?

No, Not at all. The program is structured in such a way that it wont intrefere with the regular class. Apart from Live class students can access all the materials from anywhere and students have more than 10 months to complete 30Hrs program.

How the individual tracking is possible?

Each educational institutions are associated with a learning plan based on college’s activity and regular class. KNIC works on a Smart Learning Management System platform, which tracks every students completes the desired modules n takes test on time or not. If a student misses a deadlines repeated alerts will get on each stage in email/sms format.

FAQ for Students
I lost my password, what to do?

Don't panic! While your password cannot be retrieved it can be reset. To do this go to the login page and click Forgot password. Follow the instructions and you should be back online in no time.

I have joined KNIC, but unable to login, what to do?

The most likely reasons for this are: you entered an incorrect username or password (check the email you were sent when you first registered) or the administrator has deleted your account for some reason.
Try contacting the Administrator for new password or try registering again.

How much time do I get to complete the course?

Start with any course you want to start with, and take as long as you need to complete the course within the access period along with each course. You may also complete the course as quickly as you want to also, or skip sections of courses where you are already proficient. But you have to take the test of that module and have to pass the same.

Contact Us

KNIC Project Coordinator
Technopark TBI
Trivandrum 695 581,Kerala India
Ph: +91-471-2700222
Fax : +91-471-2700171

Thapasya Building, Infopark, Kochi - 30
Ph : 0484 3199860

Muhammed Mishal : +91 8893375594
E-mail: coordinator@knic.in

Launch of Entrepreneurship Training

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