KNIC Activites

We follow a Blended Learning Content wherein a right mixture of E-learning, live classes and Industry interaction is utilised, thereby giving the students all the right ingredients required to make them workplace ready. To make the e-learning modules accessible to students, Campus First has facilitated an on-line interactive Campus Learning Management System (LMS), which hosts the e-learning modules.

The breakup of the methodology is as follows:
65% - e-learning
20% - live classes by the Campus edge team
15% - Indusry connect, CEO's, hrs n young acheivers

E- Learning

Simply defined, e-learning refers to “the use of digital technologies and media to deliver learning”. It is considered to be an innovative approach to the old “distance education” concept where interactivity is a core element. The use of e-learning may assist with that regard, by providing content through visual graphics, text, audio learner learn by seeing, listening and reading. Simulations, interactive activities and games enable learners to hear, see, practice and even speak thus, increasing retention rate.

LIVE Classes

After the completion of the e-learning modules by the students, live class room sessions by experts in the field will be conducted in the college campus itself. Students will have the opportunity to clear doubts and share their new ideas with the experts during these sessions.

Industry Connect

Exclusive meetings and interactions will be scheduled with CEO's and HR managers of leading companies in the industry to share their experiences and lessons of excellence. The students can get valuable insight and guidance regarding employment and career. In addition young achievers and entrepreneurs are also bought to the campus to inspire and share their experiences with the students.

One can access the entire knowledge bank with just a click. With just a projector and broadband connection, you can know all that you want about a subject. Apart from in depth information, we provide well explained live classes in variety of exciting formats of text, audio and video. Each and every college can access the service at a minimal cost. We believe in making better education reach all those needed in the best affordable way.

Collaborative learning

The enhancement of learning to the core is what KNIC aims at. Bringing in the intelligent minds together, a collaborative approach is planned. Colleges across the state can share and gain the maximum information with this platform. A perfect knowledge repository is planned to be created to build up a friendly and healthy educational ecosystem.

Learn it in your way

One can gain knowledge in the way one wants is the best aspect of KNIC. Each and every person can access the information one wants. Personalized engine with one-on-one coaching makes one feel special and study in a better way.

Performance tracking

A real-time view of the performance of every student makes KNIC more special and unique. Students and teachers will get a snapshot of the overall performance at the same time. It gives the critical tips on which all areas you need special focus and preparation. With self assessment tests one can test their own skills themselves and know their potential well.

Dynamic learning path

With exciting forms of learning, KNIC aims at providing effective learning to students. Students can learn on their own pace and become efficient. The learning path for each student keeps adjusting itself based on their past performances. This makes the students assess themselves and learn better.

Open content

The platform is made open to all and in the most user-friendly way. The teachers from the registered colleges can post their content and spread the knowledge. Not just that even students can follow the same procedure and upload their notes and projects for others making it a unique repository of knowledge.

Contact Us

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